1 Hour: $125 ▪ 2 Hours: $200 ▪ 3 Hours: $275 ▪ 4 Hours: $350  ▪  6 Hours: $500


Please fill out the following form to streamline the process of booking me. Serious inquiries only, please.

Everything you need to know when working with me:

Height: 5' 8.5" ▪Weight: 124 lbs ▪ Bust: 34" ▪ Waist: 25" ▪ Hips: 36" ▪ Cup: B

Dress: 3 ▪ Shoe: 9 ▪ Hair color: Brown ▪ Eye Color: Black ▪ Tattoos: None ▪ Piercings: None

Travel I will travel anywhere my U.S. passport can take me and I'm willing to trade airfare for shooting time provided I can book more than one shoot in the area.

▪ December - January: Colorado Springs, CO ▪ February 2017: Washington, DC ▪May 2017: Washington, DC  

Trade I do not do trade, though I am willing to negotiate my rate and trade material goods/skills. If you'd like to book me for multiple sessions, I will be more likely to offer you a lower rate after our first collaboration.

Style I primarily shoot nudes, but I have experience in many different areas. I will not argue if you'd like to shoot me in clothes and hire a team to make me look awesome.

What I Can Bring to the Table -Work with photographers of all skill levels -Push myself to get you the best possible images -Abstract, intimate, not-always-pretty subjects -Androgynous + other gender-bending themes -Expose myself to varying extreme temperatures -Every genre listed on my profile -Anonymous, implied, and general nudes -My own makeup/styling/wigs -Shoot in exchange for extravagant costumes/lingerie, or airfare -Get dirty

Tables I Won't Sit At -Gynecological spotlights/"spreads" or anything resembling Hustler -Compromising on my boundaries as expressed prior to shooting -Disrespecting cultural boundaries -Putting my health/safety at risk (via polluted water or not breaking during winter shoots) -Expose an unwitting audience to my nude body in an illegal area

Current look

Beginning August 20th, 2016, I will be growing my hair from a complete shave. If you're interested in capturing me with a shaved/razored head, please do so before or in the days following that date. I'll be growing it out for a year.

Hair - Shaved Pubes - Shaved Acne - has been a factor for me since I started modeling, and my hormonal breakouts are becoming increasingly rare. The scars will be present until they decide to fade, but are easily covered with makeup.

References If you've read this far and you'd like me to provide references, I can give you a list of names and emails of the photographers I enjoy working with on a regular basis. If you need recent snapshots to rest assured you will be shooting someone that looks like their photos, just ask.